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Why Wash Dishes?

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This is a frequent conversation I have with my adolescent clients.

Phil: Mom tells me that you refuse to wash dishes.  Is that right?

Steve:  Yah

Phil:  Why don’t you like to wash dishes?

Steve:  Not fun

Phil:   Really . . . I washed dishes this morning . . . I’ve always hated washing dishes. . . 

Steve: why did you wash them then?

Phil: Well, first of all I don’t wash dishes because it’s fun.  Not! But there’s lots of things we need to do that are not fun. There’s two reasons why I wash dishes.

Steve:  What are they?

Phil:  We eat on dishes.  Dishes need to be washed before they’re used again.  Same goes for your clothes. Before you wear these clothes again they need to be washed.

Steve:  Okay . . .

Phil:   It’s not a matter if washing dishes is fun.  For me, it’ ...

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