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Write a Story You Want to Live

Do you have a student nearing graduation and want to help them figure out what's next? 

Have you been in the same job for years and feel dissatisfied and unfilled? Are you ready for something else, but don't know what steps to take?

We are Here to Help You Write the Next Chapter!

Give your Story Purpose and Direction!

We offer online and in-office career consultation. 

  • For high school students and young adults who are seeking clarity, direction and confidence as they begin to step into their story.

  • For adults who need a new direction, career refocus and a new chapter in their story.

We focus on three key components to Career Consultation and Coaching

Understand My Story and Develop My Career Profile

In your Career Profile we focus on six areas: Life Vision, Calling and Purpose, Interests, Values, Skills, Personality, and Workplace Preferences

You profile will be the template for setting goals, developing and enforcing structure, establishing and strengthening high performance habits and writing a new story.

Establish my Pathway to Rewrite My Story

Know and develop my strengths, skills and abilities to move forward.  Learn what knowledge, experience, skills, and credentials I need to step into this new story!

Maintain Motivation and Gain Momentum to Live My Story

Learn how to keep your passion and energy high.

Learn how to anticipate and manage barriers and distractions

Learn how to use your character strengths to keep doing the work day after day so that you will keep moving forward.

Only highly respected and established career assessments will be utilized.

Coaching sessions will involve a careful and thoughtful review of the results of the assessments.

Coaching sessions will be used to keep focus on goals, build confidence, and strengthen motivation.