Write Your Career Story Personalized Coaching

When you are feeling stuck or facing a major life transition, sometimes you need a little help to figure out which path to take. Second Story career counselors can provide personalized guidance to help you find your way.

Our career counselors work with clients across the career spectrum, from students and young adults choosing their career path, mid-career professionals ready for their next challenge, and those approaching retirement and considering how to continue their meaningful work.

Our career counselors will work with you to

  • Find your purpose and learn how to pursue it 
  • Uncover what motivates you
  • Identify work that aligns with your strengths
  • Understand what you uniquely offer
  • Find your career path
  • And how to move forward in hope and confidence

Chapter 1. Students and Young Adults

You’re probably thinking, “How do I know what I want to do for a career?” “How do I choose the best career path for myself?”

You will be coached on how to make career decisions in the chaotic environment of transferring from being a student to the real world of work. You will be confident in knowing what you want to do with your future and how to apply your strengths, passions, motivations, and interests in your work.

Chapter 2. Mid-Career Change

You may be considering what’s next, whether that’s unlocking new career opportunities or changing course to pursue something you love. You may not know what that something is yet, but you know it’s different from what you’re currently doing.  

Through coaching, you will break through your fear of a career change and be confident in your capabilities by learning what you have to offer. You will discover how to pursue your purpose and start taking steps to make it a reality.

Chapter 3. Latter Part of your Career

You know you still have more to offer. You may desire to rediscover a greater purpose to your work and vocation. 

The coaching process will lead you to a greater depth of understanding as you examine your purpose and how to apply it in new ways. You will discover a deeper sense of self and how to contribute your unique giftings in meaningful ways as you enter your third chapter.

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