The Progression of our Troubles

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We all experience things differently and they can progress at different rates depending on several variables; our resiliency, our support system, ways we cope and a few more.  But they can usually progress this way, stress, anxiety, depression (each with 3 levels) and unfortunately these lead to suicide contemplation.


Stress-Low; these items are our daily routine stuff, getting up to go to work or school, chores we do around the house, things we have to do.

Stress-Medium; these items begin to get us upset and aggravated, bad day at work, traffic jam, a flat tire, running late for something these items can begin to weigh us down if the stay consistent.

Stress-High; over-loaded at work, past due bills, consequences are forming because of what has happened, these things are starting to take a toll on our daily activities.


Anxiety-low; this is when we begin to have some random thoughts as to where we are at in a situation, these start out relatively low and the “woe is me” statements arrive.

Anxiety- Medium; these negative thoughts become more regular and we start the “What if’s…..”, we begin to think I might need some help with or just the opposite we clam up and keep to ourselves.

Anxiety-High; friends start to notice and wonder what is going on, the thoughts are so persistent you want to get rid of them some how.


Depression-low; you are pretty much sad all day and lose focus easily, things may affect you easy and you take it more personally.

Depression-Medium; at this stage it starts to affect you by making excuses for missing work or other important responsibilities, medications or use of drugs or alcohol may increase.

Depression-High; at this point your hygiene and your health drops, it is affecting you relationship with others drastically, addictions or other poor coping skills might be present.


Suicide Contemplation; it is at this point that we begin to have ……

Thoughts- I wish I was dead or I wasn’t in this world or around……

Plan- At this time I can or I can do this to……..

Means- I have this available to me or use this to…..

When all three are present our hope and any sense of return to normalcy are lost and we see no other way out.  Catching ourselves before it gets to this point is possible.  Listening to others and accepting it is ok to feel these things is a start.  These feelings/emotions are normal and they have place and reason for us to experience them.  If you are interested in working through this with someone, please feel free to reach out. We’d love to talk with you!

Mark Holloway | MA,LLPC