William Evans, MBA, MA, LLPC

Phone: 616-426-9034, ext.509 

Email: wevans@secondstorycounseling.com

Bachelor of Science in Business Management - Oakland University

Master of Business Administration/Finance   - Michigan State University

Master in Counseling Psychology   – Western Michigan University

Business has been a passion of mine for the last 40 years and over that time I have learned many lessons. Some of the best have come from my most difficult of times! Although difficult, the last couple decades helped me cultivate and grow in resilience. 

I had a successful career in corporate banking, and reached an executive level management position in a $20 billion bank holding company. Despite this success, I wanted to be my own boss.

 After 17 years I decided that the desire to run my own business was too alluring an opportunity to pass up. I made a break for it, confident that I had all the experience, knowledge, capital and drive required to succeed.

 With what in hindsight seems more like arrogance than confidence, I quit my perk filled position and started my first small business. It didn’t take me long to realize that that owning even a small business was many times more challenging than being an executive at a large corporation. 

Over the past few decades I have had many opportunities and made the most of them.  I came to know both “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” These experiences have given me a passion to assist others to help overcome obstacles, manage stress, acquire new skills, recognize new opportunities, build stronger teams, rekindle dreams and prepare for a successful transition to the next phase of life. 

You may be at a point of despair and need perspective and fresh ideas. You may be doing well but feel you have plateaued and need to be reenergized to take your business to the next level. Either way, I am here to journey with you. 

Rapport and mutual trust are important in coaching. I offer a no obligation 20-minute phone consultation to listen to your story and enable you make an informed decision whether business coaching/counseling is right for you, and that you feel confident that our collaboration would be beneficial for you.

Note: Mr. Evans holds an MBA from Michigan State and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Western Michigan University. He has started, built and sold a professional handyman business, been a real estate broker and licensed builder of custom homes, partnered in an ATV accessories company with a worldwide distribution network, and been a successful business broker. Bill is currently a business coach/consultant and licensed professional counselor (LLPC) with Second Story Counseling in Hudsonville.